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How to Choose the Right Marvin Windows Collection for Your Project

marvin windows collection

“Character” is a word that homebuilders often use to describe what differentiates one project from others. For so long, practicality and cost-efficiency were guiding principles of design, and character could be harder to come by. Today, builders are able to blend style with practicality and longevity in new and interesting ways. Marvin Windows are a great example of this meeting point, offering three distinct Collections that blend durability with distinct character. Let’s take a look at each Marvin Windows collection, and how to choose which one is right for your project.

Signature Collection

Marvin Windows Collection Signature

Choice, Reimagined

The Signature Collection is the most diverse and customizable suite of products that Marvin carries and has long been the preferred Collection for high-end projects of all scopes and sizes. The Signature Collection features two distinct lines, Ultimate, and Modern, each offering their own unique appeals. Ultimate is the culmination of expert design, with wood and wood-clad window options that offer a timeless appearance while maintaining the customizability contractors look for. Modern is the perfect match open floor plans and the natural-light emphasis of modern home design, featuring large expanses of glass and narrow sightlines. Both lines prioritize thermal performance to keep energy bills down while providing homeowners with adaptable smart features they come to expect, namely the ability to lock windows directly from their phones. This Marvin Windows Collection is for those who’s clients accept nothing but the best.

Elevate Collection

Marvin Windows Collection Elevate

A Gorgeous Balance

The Elevate Collection offers extraordinary balance in its design approach. On the outside, patented fiberglass withstands the elements while inviting wood interiors help bring out the attractiveness of a home. The durability is a cut above, 8 times stronger than vinyl, and 3 times stronger than vinyl/wood composites. In practice, this translates to longevity that lasts. The Elevate Collection can fit a wide variety of projects, and helps bring out the distinct design touches of each project you build.

Essential Collection

Marvin Windows Collection Essential

Classic Flair, Smart Design

For the Essential Collection, it’s all in the name. These windows are tailored to meet the demands of builders thanks to simplified options to help streamline the order process and huge versatility that can meet the needs of a variety of projects. The design features smooth lines that optimize the light coming into a home. A durable fiberglass interior and exterior minimize maintenance on the part of the homeowner, which helps to save them money over time. This Collection is perfect for contractors that prioritize versatility and a more straight-forward design.

Still Unsure Which Marvin Windows Collection is Best for Your Project? National Lumber Can Help

Our Design Center team has trained alongside the Marvin team to ensure we can help you select the product that is right for your project, whether it’s a single-family home or a multi-unit apartment complex. No need to sort through the vast options yourself, just reach out today and let us do the heavy lifting.

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