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Builder Highlight: Edgemont Builders

At National Lumber, we are proud to be able to work with companies that share our values of fantastic service, and building things that matter. Edgemont Builders have long been excellent partners to work with, and we’re excited to highlight their work today. 

About Edgemont Builders

Edgemont Builders is a general contracting firm in Baltimore City that specializes in single-family, multi-family, and light commercial construction projects. They have shown their dedicated craftsmanship in their projects and have elegantly rehabilitated historic Baltimore buildings into a modern way of living. Edgemont Builders’ mission is to make amazing spaces for their clients and add value to the communities and environments where they build.

Specialized Building Projects

Edgemont Builder specializes in historic adaptive reuse single-family and multifamily projects and new construction townhomes. In all of their projects, they have shown a dedication to using the historic foundations and expertly crafting a modern living space while retaining the historic aesthetic. This focus has led them to complete projects all across Baltimore City that have produced incredible results and attractive modern living options for Baltimore residents. 

Recent Project: The School House

Recently, Edgemont Builders have been working on “The School House” project, an apartment building subdivided from the neighboring United Church of Christ. The Church had owned the land since it was first originally developed by the Canton Company in 1890. After the building was subdivided, Edgemont Builders began the process of permitting and getting ready to begin their redevelopment procedures. During their renovations, they incorporated existing concrete structures present within the historic building as a feature of the project. The president of Edgemont Builders, Jacob Wittenberg, stated that they are “taking the bones of Baltimore and incorporating them into a modern way of living.” Upon completion, the building is set to host fifteen total 1 and 2-bedroom modern units. 

Work with National Lumber

National Lumber is proud to supply Edgemont Builders with the majority of their materials from lumber and hardware to millwork and custom-made historical trim. We have supplied them for over a decade and are happy to provide a timely and responsive service. Edgemont Builders Operations Manager, Joe Wilner, discussed his appreciation for National Lumbers’ ability to accommodate short-notice delivery requests. We consider Edgemont Builders to be one of the top general contractors in Baltimore City and we look forward to continuing to grow with them by providing high-quality materials for their elegant, upcoming construction projects.

Incredible Contracting with Top Tier Materials

We greatly appreciate the opportunity to work with Edgemont Builders and to be a part of their wonderful projects. If you are looking for a construction material provider that will far exceed your expectations, call or contact the National Lumber team today to get started!

More to explore

Kitchen DEsigner

Laura brings 18 years of experience to our kitchen design team. She helps customers build exceptional kitchen spaces down to the finest details. 

Every client has unique needs, and Laura enjoys the puzzle of figuring out how to fulfill them. She combines her technical abilities with her background in interior design to balance functionality and beauty.

She listens to her clients to help them narrow down their choices and presents a curated selection to make the process less overwhelming. Laura finds creative solutions to check off their wish list while keeping them on budget.

Her personal favorite design trend is a transitional style with a hint of traditional details. She loves the mix of painted colors and the textures and variations of natural woods. However, the best
part of her job is the opportunity to work in every design style
and come up with different combinations of styles, materials,
and finishes executing her client’s unique vision.

Personally, she loves everything involving water- the ocean, pools, boating, and long baths.
She also enjoys anything with a story- books, movies, shows, etc.
Her newest hobby is attempting to have as much fun cooking as she does exploring new restaurants.

Kitchen DEsigner

With over 15 years of experience, LindaRose brings deep knowledge of how to achieve beautiful kitchen designs at the right price. 

For LindaRose, listening to a client’s needs is paramount to achieving a great design. Creativity is key to kitchen design, requiring out-of-the-box thinking to achieve an excellent final product. 

Some of her favorite design trends she introduces to clients include transitional, clean lines, and dark islands with light perimeters. 

Before entering the world of kitchen design, she spent 20 years in theatre as a singer and actor, working in notable local theatres like Round House and Everyman.

In her free time, she enjoys other creative endeavors such as working with textiles including quilting, embroidery, and weaving. 

Kitchen DEsigner

Rick Bechtel is an industry expert with 7+ years as a kitchen designer. He brings unique insights to design thanks to his 15 years as a carpenter and contractor.

Rick believes in the importance of listening to the needs of the clients he works with. Utilizing his experience s a carpenter and contractor, he strives to make every layout as economical as possible through wise cabinet selection. 

Rick makes informed suggestions for products or features that can improve the cooking experience. He’s an expert in taking the dream items clients identify online or in showrooms and introducing options that better fit their design needs and are less cost prohibitive.

As a designer, he’s an expert on contemporary or transitional styles, light colors, and wood accents. 

Rick is passionate about woodworking and contracting but transitioned his career to spend more time with his children. He enjoys projects around his (or his children’s) house, and weekend trips with his wife.