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Kitchen Design Trends Heading into 2024

As we get closer to the new year, the kitchen—often considered the heart of the home—is seeing a wave of new design trends that are boosting kitchen aesthetics across the country. With a focus on innovative technology, sustainable materials, and stunning designs, kitchens in 2024 are poised to redefine modern living. Join us as we explore the latest trends and transformative concepts shaping the kitchens of tomorrow. Discover the exciting next wave of kitchen design trends for 2024 with National Lumber that are set to inspire and elevate your culinary space in the year ahead.

1. Al Fresco Styled Kitchen Openings

Initially a popular feature in restaurants and bars, the concept of opening spaces with garage doors to connect indoor areas to outdoor patios has transitioned and evolved into a sought-after element within residential spaces. Embracing this trend, kitchen design now emphasizes the integration of window walls that ingeniously blend interior spaces with the outdoors. As per the National Kitchen and Bath Association, this trend is rising in popularity alongside the preference for larger windows and glass walls, all contributing to a dynamic and expansive aesthetic in modern kitchen design trends anticipated for 2024

2. Bringing Natural Aesthetics into the Kitchen

Bringing the refreshing feelings of the outdoors into your home can make a major difference in your interior aesthetic. This kitchen trend focuses on warm whites, earthy greens, and inviting wood tones, evoking a harmonious ambiance that mimics the serenity of the outdoors. This design approach seamlessly integrates indoor and outdoor living, creating a tranquil and cohesive space at the heart of the home. The addition of textured wood on cabinets further amplifies this connection to nature, marking a significant trend that crafts an inviting and nature-inspired atmosphere in modern kitchens.

3. Revive Your Kitchen with Vintage Tiles

Heading into 2024, the revival of vintage tiles is becoming a prominent modern kitchen design winner. It aligns with the idea of maximizing the design of your existing space without the need for major renovations. This trend, resonating with styles like cottage design, allows homeowners to update their kitchens by focusing on specific details. Vintage-inspired tiles take the spotlight, offering a great opportunity to refresh kitchen interiors with timeless charm. Embracing intricate patterns, retro colors, and diverse tile shapes, this trend adds a touch of classic elegance and character to modern kitchens, making them sophisticated and inviting without the need for extensive renovations.

4. Eco-Friendly Kitchens

In today’s global effort to combat climate change, every action counts, even within your kitchen! The good news is there’s a vast array of sustainable measures you can incorporate to make your kitchen more environmentally friendly. One key area is your kitchen appliances, known for consuming substantial energy. By upgrading to energy-efficient models, not only can you save on utility costs but also significantly reduce your carbon footprint. Moreover, consider replacing your faucets with water-saving fixtures designed to conserve water. In terms of design, opt for LED lighting, offering both energy efficiency and enhanced ambient illumination. Lastly, nurturing an indoor herb garden not only fosters self-sufficiency but also infuses your kitchen with a natural, inviting atmosphere.

5. Solid Surface Backsplashes

Solid surface backsplashes have emerged as a defining trend in modern kitchen design. Their sleek, seamless appearance and versatile nature offer a refreshing alternative to traditional tile or stone options. With a variety of colors, textures, and finishes available, solid surfaces provide a clean and contemporary aesthetic that complements various kitchen styles. Not only do these backsplashes exude elegance, but their non-porous material also makes for easy maintenance, resisting stains, and offering a durable surface. The trend’s growing popularity highlights its ability to transform kitchen spaces, providing a stylish yet practical solution for a modern, sophisticated look.

6. Wood Grain Cabinetry

Wood grain cabinetry is making a significant comeback in kitchen design trends. Heading into 2024, the appeal of natural wood surfaces is gaining momentum, adding a cozy warmth to kitchens. Varieties like white oak, walnut, and alder are leading the trend, especially alder, prized for its ability to take stains, distinct grain patterns, and adaptability to various styles. These cabinets bring a neutral tone and a lighter feel to kitchen decor, moving away from the heaviness of traditional wood species. Contemporary, modern, mid-century and Scandinavian designs further enhance the wood grain trend with sleek, hardware-free flat panel styles featuring push-to-open technology, creating a clean and effortlessly stylish kitchen look.”

7. Beverage Stations

An emerging trend gaining traction in kitchen design is the concept of beverage stations. Ranging from dedicated coffee cabinets to smoothie centers and wine bars, these stations offer convenient drink dispensing designs. The beauty of this trend lies in its flexibility; it can range from a simple alcove designed for beverages to a more elaborate setup including a mini fridge, sink, and other features. Beverage stations not only offer functionality but also add a touch of personalization to kitchen spaces, providing a convenient and stylish area dedicated to the varied beverage preferences of homeowners.

8. Induction Cooktops

Induction cooking is rapidly gaining traction as a prominent kitchen design trend heading into 2024. The method, long favored in Europe and now increasingly popular in the U.S., is propelled by safety concerns surrounding gas stoves. This technology produces fewer fumes, reducing the necessity for extensive extractor or vent hood systems. This flexibility opens up diverse options such as recirculating downdrafts, enabling older homes with ample airflow to forgo bulky hoods. Simultaneously, the trend is phasing out outdated, oversized appliances, ushering in a new era of kitchen design in the United States.

9. Euro-Style Hood Vents

Kitchen hood vents have become more than just functional necessities; they’ve evolved into creative design focal points in modern kitchens. Design enthusiasts are exploring innovative approaches to hood vents, transforming them into clever design choices that enhance the kitchen’s aesthetic appeal. From sleek, minimalistic designs that seamlessly blend into the space to bold, statement-making hoods that serve as eye-catching features, homeowners are experimenting with diverse materials, shapes, and finishes. The trend is witnessing a surge in customized and unique options, integrating vent hoods into the overall kitchen design, ensuring they not only efficiently clear the air but also contribute to the space’s visual charm, adding personality and style to the heart of the home.

10. A Touch of Gold

In the coming years, gold is set to take center stage as a significant design choice in kitchens, as highlighted by a recent survey conducted by the National Kitchen and Bath Association. The findings reveal a notable preference for gold among nearly half of the respondents, surpassing the popularity of stainless steel for kitchen hardware and faucets. Brushed, matte and satin gold finishes emerge as versatile options to elevate the design aesthetics of any kitchen. This resurgence of gold accents promises to add a touch of luxury and sophistication to kitchen spaces, whether incorporated through subtle hardware details or as striking faucet fixtures. The trend toward gold in kitchen design signifies a shift towards warmth and elegance, providing an exciting and opulent choice for those seeking to revamp and modernize their culinary spaces in 2024.

11. Layered Lighting

As we approach 2024, a layered lighting approach is becoming a defining trend in kitchen design. This strategy involves using different lighting levels for various purposes in the kitchen. It includes ambient lighting for different moods, statement lighting for style, and nighttime lighting for safety and aesthetics. Designers are emphasizing task lighting over work areas like islands and sinks, along with LED strip lighting on countertops, which offers both practical and visual benefits. Additional lighting under cabinets and in toe-kick spaces further creates a warm, adjustable ambiance. This trend promises not just functionality but also stylish illumination for contemporary kitchens.

Professional Kitchen Design Insight with National Lumber

Ready to transform your kitchen into a modern, stunning space? Look no further! At National Lumber, our dedicated team of design experts is here to help you curate the perfect kitchen design aligned with the latest trends. Whether you seek inspiration, professional guidance, or top-quality materials to bring your vision to life, our Design Center is your one-stop destination. Discover how to make the most of your kitchen; get in touch with us today for expert interior design guidance. Contact us or visit our Design Center to begin creating the kitchen of your dreams!

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Every client has unique needs, and Laura enjoys the puzzle of figuring out how to fulfill them. She combines her technical abilities with her background in interior design to balance functionality and beauty.

She listens to her clients to help them narrow down their choices and presents a curated selection to make the process less overwhelming. Laura finds creative solutions to check off their wish list while keeping them on budget.

Her personal favorite design trend is a transitional style with a hint of traditional details. She loves the mix of painted colors and the textures and variations of natural woods. However, the best
part of her job is the opportunity to work in every design style
and come up with different combinations of styles, materials,
and finishes executing her client’s unique vision.

Personally, she loves everything involving water- the ocean, pools, boating, and long baths.
She also enjoys anything with a story- books, movies, shows, etc.
Her newest hobby is attempting to have as much fun cooking as she does exploring new restaurants.

Kitchen DEsigner

With over 15 years of experience, LindaRose brings deep knowledge of how to achieve beautiful kitchen designs at the right price. 

For LindaRose, listening to a client’s needs is paramount to achieving a great design. Creativity is key to kitchen design, requiring out-of-the-box thinking to achieve an excellent final product. 

Some of her favorite design trends she introduces to clients include transitional, clean lines, and dark islands with light perimeters. 

Before entering the world of kitchen design, she spent 20 years in theatre as a singer and actor, working in notable local theatres like Round House and Everyman.

In her free time, she enjoys other creative endeavors such as working with textiles including quilting, embroidery, and weaving. 

Kitchen DEsigner

Rick Bechtel is an industry expert with 7+ years as a kitchen designer. He brings unique insights to design thanks to his 15 years as a carpenter and contractor.

Rick believes in the importance of listening to the needs of the clients he works with. Utilizing his experience s a carpenter and contractor, he strives to make every layout as economical as possible through wise cabinet selection. 

Rick makes informed suggestions for products or features that can improve the cooking experience. He’s an expert in taking the dream items clients identify online or in showrooms and introducing options that better fit their design needs and are less cost prohibitive.

As a designer, he’s an expert on contemporary or transitional styles, light colors, and wood accents. 

Rick is passionate about woodworking and contracting but transitioned his career to spend more time with his children. He enjoys projects around his (or his children’s) house, and weekend trips with his wife.