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Freshen Up Your Home with New Doors and Windows!

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Does the recent warm weather have you itching to freshen up your home but you aren’t sure where to start?

We have a suggestion, you may want to consider replacing your windows and doors! Along with an added boost to the value and beauty of your home, window and door replacement yields many other benefits, including reducing energy costs and minimizing exterior maintenance. In addition, given that the windows and doors are properly installed, they should decrease sound transfer from exterior to interior.

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Still Not Sure If You Need Window and Door Replacements?

According to our window and door repair specialists, if one or more of these descriptions sounds like your home, then it may be time to start considering replacements:

  • Condensation between the glass of your windows
  • Visible cracks, seeing light or feeling air infiltrating around the window sash or frames.
  • Rotting wood or decay, mold or peeling paint.
  • Windows and doors that are difficult to open or close.
  • Single pane glass or having a lot of noise coming from the exterior into the house

If you live in a historic district and are considering a replacement, look no further. From a process as easy as replacing an existing sash or as complex as having to remove an entire window and frame (including the interior/exterior casing), we can help in your home transformation. The National Lumber door and window experts have been working in the Baltimore region for more than 65+ years combined. They have seen it all! Some of the most common issues that we have observed in relation to historic windows include out of square openings, poor masonry, crumbling or cracking plaster, lead paint, and rotted wood. If any of these descriptions sound like a problem that you are facing with your historic home, it’s time for a home makeover. However, it is important to note that permits and neighbor association historic district authorizations may need to be applied for and approved before work can begin.
Even though any time of the year is great for window and door replacements, we are busiest from March to November. Stop by our showroom or call today to make an appointment.
Freshen up your home by checking out our Design Center for all of your window and door needs!

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