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What Are Best Types of Windows for Your Home?

When remodeling your home, or having it built from the ground up, there are a lot of important considerations you should have. Among those is your choice about what kind of windows work best with the shape and function of each room in your house. There are a ton of options you have to choose from, and different types of windows serve unique purposes. Today, we’ll take a look at what the best types of windows for your home are.

Double-Hung Windows

Double-Hung Windows from Marvin’s Elevate Collection

Double-hung windows are one of the most common and recognizable window styles, even if you don’t recognize them by that name. Double-hung windows utilize two operating sashes, allowing you to create ventilation from the top or bottom. This flexibility in choice and functionality makes double-hung windows a popular choice for homeowners. The classic yet stylish look is perfect for bedrooms where you want optimal ventilation. Double-hung windows are also one of the most commonly produced types, meaning you’ll have a wide range of manufacturers to choose from.

Casement Windows

Gorgeous casement windows from MI Windows.

Casement windows offer unique functions and optimize clear sightlines to help bring a ton of light in. To operate casement windows, you utilize a crank that creates a vertical opening for ventilation. We love the implementation of casement windows for sitting rooms, bedrooms, and main living spaces as they allow for maximum light to enter each room. Many homeowners appreciate the modern style casement windows offer, and how the vertical openings allow them to more intentionally direct airflow within their homes. One downside to casement windows is that due to their narrow openings, they can be difficult to clean the exterior of. However, some brands, such as Marvin, have found creative solutions that allow you to turn the exterior inside for cleaning. When searching for the best window types for your home, casement windows are a great choice.

Sliding Windows

Modern, wood-framed sliding windows from Marvin.

The simplistic functionality of sliding windows doesn’t take away from their modern, eye-catching appearance. sliding windows function in the same manner as sliding doors, with one panel that slides open to allow for airflow. We love their addition to common spaces such as kitchens and living rooms. The ease of use also provides for clear sightlines and optimal light. If you like to constantly open and close your windows, sliding windows are a style you should take a look at.

Bay and Bow Windows

Plants getting some much needed sun on this bay window from Jeld Wen.

Bay and bow windows are instantly recognizable as centerpieces of the rooms where they’re implemented. These window styles either curved (bay) or flat (bow) and are matched best with rooms where you want ample views outside. They’re a wonderful statement piece for the room where they’re utilized. Homeowners love the way bay and bow windows can create shelf space, increasing the functionality of the window beyond just a way to create ventilation and entry of light. While one of the best types of windows for your home, you should be aware bay and bow windows may require framing work done to your house to properly install.

There are diverse options homeowners have at their disposal when choosing which type of window fits each room. If you want expert advice, don’t hesitate to contact the Window Team at the Design Center by National Lumber. Our team has the knowledge that will help you select which window type and collection from which manufacturer is best for your needs. Contact us today to get started.

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