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A Look At Our Multi-Family Division

At National Lumber, we like to think of ourselves as partners to the builders we work with, helping them accomplish their building goals by delivering the materials they need. But we also understand that the scope can vary greatly for different builders, with larger-scale projects requiring careful coordination and planning to successfully execute. Multi-family projects are a huge piece of the housing construction market across the Baltimore and DC metro areas, as housing builders try to keep up with huge demand. We wanted to take the time to highlight our Mult-Family Division here at National Lumber, a team dedicated solely to meeting the needs of multi-family builders across the area.

What is the Role of the Mult-Family Divsion at National Lumber?

To explore the role of our Multi-Family Division at National Lumber, we spoke with Brian Fackett, a sales specialist within the department. Brian explained that the department was established to meet a growing need by multi-family developers for a team tailored to their specific project type, capable of managing large material orders and helping facilitate the delivery throughout the project. Many multi-family projects rely on rolling timelines, so it’s crucial to have a team dedicated to managing each step of the material orders and deliveries so builders can stay on track.

Capabilities of the Multi-Family Division

Our team is tailored to handle a large scope of multi-family projects, from small-scale consisting of only a few units to massive undertakings of 500 units or more. Our work handles different job types as well, whether it be remodeling existing units or full new builds. Team members are specialized in each build type. For instance, Brian works with new build clients to ensure their needs are met.

Products Supplied

Primarily, our multi-family department handles interior packages that consist of trim, cabinetry, countertops, interior doors, and more. Our Multi-Family Division works in tandem with other departments should our clients require additional items for their builds, from framing and structural lumber to windows and exterior doors. Internal collaboration allows us to organically scale to meet the needs of projects as they change and adapt.


A goal of ours is to ease the process of your project by acting as a resource. Our multi-family team works closely with builders, providing product staging, material tracking to ensure deadlines are being met, and consistent communication to ensure you always know the status of your materials. We believe that collaboration should always be a priority when working with builders.

The Advantage of Having a Dedicated Multi-Family Team

Multi-family projects are complicated endeavors. That’s why we believe it’s important to have a trusted, dedicated team to help you manage. In this industry, problems can arise. Having a team ready to meet each challenge as it comes is extremely beneficial to keeping projects on track. From field visits to comprehensive quotes to constant communication, the team at National Lumber is here to help you stay building. Contact us today to get started.

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