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A Look at Our Stock Decking for Spring 2022

The arrival of spring means a changing of tides within the business industry. As homeowners begin to focus on how to make the most of the great weather, builders often find themselves swamped with deck-building projects. This can present a challenge, as decking has been one of the building materials most affected by supply chain delays. That’s why it’s so important to work with a supplier that has inventory on hand to help you meet your project deadlines on time and allow you to keep building throughout the busy spring and summer seasons. National Lumber has significantly increased our stock decking for spring 2022, bringing you some of the most popular brands to build out your decking projects. Let’s take a look at our stock decking options.


Fiberon is an industry leader in composite decking options, with a variety of colors, textures, and a commitment to sustainability. National Lumber currently stocks two collections of the Fiberon Good Life line, the Weekender collection, and the Escapes collection. The Weekender collection is designed to imitate the color palette and style of traditional deck boards, while the Escapes collection features more vibrant splashes of color and texture that emulates the appearance of tropical hardwoods. Let’s take a look at the colors we currently carry.

Weekender – Cottage

This medium gray deck board calls to mind peaceful summer afternoons in the backyard. Its grain texture emulates the look of traditional wood that homeowners love in painted wooden deck boards.

Weekender – Cabin

For homeowners that prefer a darker traditional decking color option, Cabin is a great selection. This medium brown can blend beautifully with a variety of outdoor furniture options.

Escapes – Cabana

Allow your backyard to transport you to an oceanside resort with this wonderful medium tan deck board that effortlessly calls to mind tropical vacations and cold drinks on a warm day.

Escapes – Beach House

With an attractive subtlety, Beach Life is an ideal color for pairing with other backyard elements. It’s a great option for those who want more muted tones within their backyard setups.

All of our Fiberon Good Life decking comes in 12′, 16′, and 20′ grooved boards, as well as 20′ square edge boards.


Trex has long been considered the industry standard-bearer, and your clients may even know the name. Trex deck boards come with reliability, durability, and an affordable price. We carry colors in both the Trex Enhance Naturals and Trex Select product lines.

Enhance Naturals – Foggy Wharf

One of Trex’s most popular options, Foggy Wharf is the perfect balance of standout wood texture combined with subtle color. Homeowners love its distinctive medium gray tone. Available in 12-20’ grooved and 20′ square edge.

Select – Saddle

Saddle is a delightful, sunny medium brown that incorporates a subtle wood grain pattern to create an outstanding visual package. Available in 16’ square edge only.

Select – Pebble Grey

Embrace blue skies, a great book, and a comfy chair complemented by a decking color that strikes the perfect balance between flash and subtlety. Available in 16’ square edge only.

Wolf Home Products

Wolf is a long-time partner of National Lumber, and we’re proud to stock their fantastic decking options for our clients. Additionally, we offer excellent railing options through Wolf that pair perfectly with a variety of colors and textures. Currently, we stock one color option from the Wolf Perspective Decking line, as well as two railings from the Wolf Traditional collection.

Perspective – Acacia

A flexible, appealing dark brown that compliments a wide variety of different home exteriors. Acacia is a home run decking color that excels on all fronts. Available in 12-20’ grooved, and 20’ square edge.

Traditional – Vinyl Railing

This sturdy, classic vinyl railing offers a breadth of customization options. You can choose baluster options, including square or round aluminum for extra support. Currently, we stock 36” rail height only. Be sure to chat with your National Lumber sales rep about customization options for vinyl railing.


We also stock AFCO aluminum railing options for those hoping to explore a different style of railing altogether.

100 Series – Aluminium Railing

This sleek aluminum railing option has balusters available for 36” and 42” rail height. Typically, 42″ rail height is a special order that comes with an 8 week minimum lead time. But at National Lumber, you can find this as a stock product.

Drink Railing Options

We also offer two drink railing options on special order, one from Wolf Home Products and another from AFCO. Speak to your NL sales rep about having these products delivered to you.

Get Ahead of Spring Lead Times

At National Lumber, we’re making a determined effort to help our builder partners stay stocked with all of the decking materials you need during the busy spring and summer seasons. Our team is dedicated to your success, and beyond our stock options, we can help you order the decking products you need to get your project finished.

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