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A Look Inside Our Remodeled Chevy Chase Showroom

In March 2020, we had the pleasure of opening a brand new showroom in Chevy Chase that allowed us to better serve our customers in the DC Metro area. However, the showroom at the time needed a major overhaul to deliver the best possible experience to customers who would visit. We’re proud to announce that these renovations have been completed, and we can’t wait to see you at our new and improved showroom. This space is tailored to both builders and homeowners, with a diverse selection of window, cabinetry, and countertop options to explore in detail. Let’s take a look at how the remodeled Chevy Chase showroom helps our DC customers achieve their building or home renovation needs. 

Diverse Product Selection 

One aspect of our company we wanted to emphasize with this showroom is the wide range of products we have on offer. At National Lumber, we stock products that help our builder partners keep building and allow homeowners to truly embrace choice when designing kitchen spaces. At our Chevy Chase location, we’re excited to showcase some of the most popular products we have on offer, including: 

Marvin Windows and Doors

We have an extensive showcase from our partners at Marvin Windows. We stock three unique collections of Marvin windows at National Lumber: The Essential Collection, the Elevate Collection, and the Ultimate Collection. You’ll find excellent window products at different price points within each line. The feature list of Marvin windows is extensive, with advanced energy efficiency, designs optimized for sightlines, and industry-leading durability. Our showroom allows you to interact with Marvin windows and doors directly so you can get a feel for the functionality of each product and how it would work within your next build. 


Our dedicated Kitchen Design team is able to properly showcase the unique cabinetry options we have at our disposal with new displays that feature some of our most requested brands, including Ultracraft, Woodharbor, and Medallion. Each of these brands has a multitude of color options you can see first within the Design Center. These top-tier brands keep creating innovations to incorporate their cabinetry products that are built for how we use our kitchens. From tiered cutlery trays to double trash pullouts and thoughtfully integrated storage foldouts, homeowners are spoiled for choice when it comes to designing their kitchens. 

The Benefit of the Design Center to Builders

Scott Huguely, the Head of Our DC Sales Division, spoke on how having a tangible design center within the DC metro area serves as a resource for builders in the region. Unlike other design centers in the area, ours offers window, door, and kitchen products in the same place. It’s a one-stop shop for all of your building needs, with an expert team that can also put in orders for other materials such as lumber and decking for any project you have. Our expert team works directly with builders to facilitate all of their material needs for projects. We pride ourselves on flexibility and being able to recommend replacement products if those you want are out of stock or on backorder. Our delivery fleet is prompt, professional, and reliable. The Chevy Chase showroom is just the next step in the dedicated inroads we’ve made into the DC region. 

The Benefit of the Design Center to Homeowners 

Our DC area kitchen designer, LindaRose Payne, guides homeowners through the exciting process of bringing the heart of the home to life. Homeowners shopping for an upgraded kitchen can interact with a variety of countertop and cabinetry options while exploring a huge portfolio of brands and colors. The kitchen design process is a collaborative one. LindaRose and our other designers listen to your needs for how you want to use the kitchen, whether it’s for cooking, entertaining, or just a place for the family to gather. With this information, we can help determine which features would be best suited to your situation, from granite countertops for rolling out pastries to wok cooks needing an oven hood and backsplash. All of these little details of how you live within your kitchen allow our designers to build the perfect heart of your home right at the Design Center.

Visit the Design Center by National Lumber in Chevy Chase

We’re extremely proud of how these renovations have elevated our ability to serve the needs of builders and homeowners within the DC metro area. For over 100 years, National Lumber has been the go-to local building material supplier for the Baltimore region, and we can’t wait to continue to build new relationships with our partners throughout the greater DC area. Drop by to visit our Chevy Chase showroom today!

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