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Product Highlight: Fabuwood Cabinetry

At National Lumber, we understand the importance of implementing high-quality products into the construction of your home. From offering a wide variety of customizable configurations to using superior and durable materials, we carry brands that can meet the high standards required at National Lumber. For this reason, we are excited to announce that we now have Fabuwood kitchen cabinetry in stock. Fabuwood carries a broad range of patterns and colors, composed of carefully selected top-grade lumber, that is sure to revolutionize your kitchen.

The Fabuwood Advantage

It’s no secret that the supply crisis greatly affected industries across the world. Fabuwood has remained consistent in its ability to maintain its inventory, allowing National Lumbar to provide our clients with timely material delivery and expedited completion times. Having a large variety of products readily available allows our sales and Kitchen Design teams to accommodate your cabinetry needs.  Fabuwoods’ kitchen cabinetry is crafted with a 12-step inspection process that demands the highest quality to pass, ensuring long-lasting functionality and beauty.

Variety of Colors and Styles

Hosting a vast catalog, Fabuwood kitchen cabinetry comes in an array of available grain patterns and elegant colors. This allows our design team to mix and match styles to find a perfect fit for your kitchen.


Fabuwoods’ Allure line of kitchen cabinets is host to a multitude of varying colors and styles. Enjoy effortless versatility and a soothing selection of deep colors to choose from.

Value Premium

The Value Premium line may only come in one style and color but with its economical price point, paired with Fabuwoods’ high standards of quality, the Value Premium lives up to its name. Appreciate the benefits of beautiful kitchen cabinetry at an affordable price.


Featuring a bold style, Fabuwoods’ quest line captures the classic aesthetic that is highly desired. With two distinct, yet cohesive patterns, the Quest line is home to excellent colors such as Frost, Java, and Mist.

Available Accessories

Organization is crucial to the functionality of a home’s kitchen. Compliment your kitchen with Fabuwoods’ modern accessories and maximize the benefits of your new cabinetry. Use the drawer systems to manage cookware, pullouts to beautifully arrange your spices, or even a lazy susan to maximize storage capacity. The available accessories allow personalizing your kitchen space while enjoying the convenient performance of Fabuwoods’ kitchen accessories. 

Expert Kitchen Design Team

At National Lumber, our Kitchen Design team is ready and eager to share their expertise and work closely with you in order to find a personalized fit for your kitchen. Our team will help to conceptualize the finished product before any work begins.

Providing our clients with both high-quality products and complete professionalism is vital to their satisfaction. Fabuwoods’ extensive catalog allows our design team to formulate an abundance of possible kitchen arrangements, ensuring that your kitchen is tailored to your unique and specific requirements.

If you are interested in giving your kitchen a visual enhancement by way of Fabuwood kitchen cabinetry, contact National Lumber today. Our team of highly skilled kitchen designers is ready to take on your kitchen remodeling project!

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