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How Marvin Windows Help Improve Quality-of-Life

Quality-of-life considerations factor into homebuilders’ design choices in unique, and often unseen ways. From how different rooms connect to how square footage is used, builders often consider ways to ensure your home will be a comfortable place to live. However, sometimes material selection can affect different aspects of your living experience within a home. Shoddy appliances can leave you with frustration when a meal is overcooked or the dishes aren’t cleaned. In a similar way, windows and doors have tangible impacts on our quality-of-life. Though they may be less visible, these qualities are still important. From airflow to temperature regulation, here are the ways Marvin windows and doors help improve quality of life within your home.

Natural Light is Good for Our Wellness and Our Wallets

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Intuitively, most of us know that natural light is good for us. But you may be surprised just how good it truly is. Researchers have studied various health benefits of spending more time in natural light. Seratonin is released when natural light hits you, which can improve both physical and mental health. Natural light is also a source of Vitamin D, an essential ingredient in keeping our bodies health.

Additionally, more prominent natural light can help you save by reducing the need for artificial light for longer periods of the day. That’s why it’s vital to choose windows that have clearer sightlines to the outdoors. Marvin windows are designed to let light flow into your home, allowing you to reap all of the benefits natural light has to offer.

Temperature Regulation

A well-insulated home is key in keeping you comfortable and energy costs reasonable. While a good amount of insulation efforts happen within the walls and structural pieces of the home, doors and windows can either be a benefit to temperature regulation, or a pain point. Improperly insulated window and door frames can leak air from the outside, meaning your home is hotter in the summer and colder in the winter. Marvin addresses these problems by engineering durable, sealed frames that will stop air leaks at their source

Window panes can also be an area of concern for temperature regulation and energy efficiency. Single pane windows tend to let more heat escape a home. Marvin remedies this problem through the use of double or tripane windows that are not only more resilient against damage, but much more reliable at keeping hot or cold air within your home.


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Airflow, like natural light, can improve our health, and the cleanliness of our homes. VOCs (volatile organic compounds) are substances that can build up in poorly insulated spaces. Some VOCs occur naturally as foods break down in our homes. Others come from manufactured materials such as paints, varnishes, furniture, cleaners, pesticides, and more. While some VOCs are harmless, others are carcinogenic. Your windows are the best tool you have to quickly deplete the build-up of VOCs in the air. Ventilation is an underappreciated tool in your health. As a spokesman for the International WELL Building Institute noted, “It has a huge impact on indoor air quality and it costs nothing. Opening windows 3 to 4 times a day for 30 minutes can help limit build-up of indoor pollutants.”

Marvin windows were crafted not only for aesthetics but for superior functionality. Every window is built to optimize its opening capacity, providing the greatest level of ventilation from each individual window. Air flow is an unseen factor vital to good quality-of-life.

Simple Maintenance and Care

As a homeowner, windows and doors are notoriously frustrating to upkeep. From the challenge of exterior cleaning to improperly sealed windows causing insects to get in between the screen and pane, those frustrations are understandable. Thankfully, Marvin windows and doors do a lot of the hard work for you, ensuring care is simple and straightforward. For instance, the Modern Casement windows feature a rotating hinge that allows you to easily clean the window’s exterior.

Additionally, Marvin’s strong seal reduces the number of pests and grime that get caught between the screen and pane, which means less hassle for you. The Marvin team is dedicated to providing every customer with resources, which is why they have a library of cleaning and care guides at available at your fingertips.

Quality-of-Life You Can Trust

At Design Center by National Lumber, we carry brands that we trust within our own homes. Marvin provides windows and doors of unbeatable quality, customizability, and features. If you want to see how Marvin can improve your everyday quality of life, reach out today.

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