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Get An Inside Look at National Lumber on Social Media

National Lumber is proud to have a growing presence across different social media platforms. We’re honored to be able to share our stories, work, and celebrations with you! If you don’t follow our accounts already be sure to go over to Instagram and Facebook and follow National Lumber.

What to Look Forward to From National Lumber on Social Media

In the coming months, we have a plethora of exciting content coming to both of our social media channels. Most importantly, we look forward to showing off some of the latest project highlights. We have been providing high-quality materials to a wide variety of construction projects and have collected some awesome media that we can’t wait to share. National Lumber values each and every one of our employees as well as their opinion and insights on trending subjects. Our team member insight series will give our followers an opportunity to learn more about National Lumber and the business that we conduct. We work alongside several suppliers and will share our products with you in a reel series.

The National Lumber family is composed of committed, hardworking and experienced individuals. We immensely appreciate their efforts and feel that they deserve the spotlight from time to time! From birthdays and anniversaries to life events and achievements, National Lumber is happy to join in celebrating our employees! Whatever achievements our employees reach are a win for all of us. The same goes for the contractors we supply. As they produce incredible constructive works, National Lumber is proud to have the opportunity to share them. This offers us a great way to stay connected with our clients, promote their work, and build stronger relationships within the industry.   

The Advantages of Social Media

Social media is a fantastic way to provide our current customers or prospective customers with insight into our business. By showcasing our employees, and our work and by keeping customers informed about our products and services, we usher in a way to build relationships with them that is more personable and transparent. Facilitating these positive relationships is paramount to all of us at National Lumber and we are thrilled to have such a valuable tool, such as social media, at our disposal.

We encourage all of our followers to stay tuned for the various series we will be introducing to our social media channels and, if you don’t follow National Lumber, be sure to so that you don’t miss out on all of our upcoming content! If you are interested in high-quality building materials paired with unmatched customer service, National Lumber is here to help. Call or contact us today to find out how National Lumber can serve you and your business!

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