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Window and Door Trends for Winter 2020

Each season, new design trends help inform builders and homeowners on what choices they should make when building or remodeling a home. Windows and door options have become more diverse and expansive than ever before, so it can be hard to keep track of what trends are currently in. Today, we take a look at some of the window and door trends for winter 2020 you should keep an eye on.

Black Frames and Panes

Much like other areas of interior design, modern sensibilities are influencing window design trends. The old standard of white vinyl or earth tone wooden frames are being replaced with the stark, contrasted look of black window frames. Set against the bright whites as seen in the example from Jeld-Wen above, you can see how the window frames are being used to play off the other elements of the interior in an eye-catching way.

Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency is always on the mind of homeowners, but the technology that goes into crafting windows and doors has only gotten better at helping them save on their energy bills. Doors, like the one showcased above from Therma-Tru, are designed with an efficiency-first mindset to keep homes warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. Craftsmanship is going into how doors and windows seal to prevent air from escaping or entering, passing the savings along to homeowners. While energy efficiency is always highly valued, it’s especially important as a window and door design trend for winter 2020 as the colder months arrive.

Narrow Sightlines and Natural Light

What’s the use in a great view if it’s obstructed by bulky sightlines? We’re seeing a careful consideration from homeowners about how sightlines affect the amount of natural light that enters their home or interferes with their view. Narrow sightlines, like the ones on offer here from Marvin Windows, are in high demand, especially for rooms central to the house like a living room. Natural light can drastically change the look and feel of a home’s interior, and narrow sightlines are a fantastic way to achieve this goal.

Doors with Sidelites

Speaking of natural light, sidelites are coming back in a big way. These small panels of glass flanking an entry door offer a creative way to draw more light into a home without sacrificing privacy. Not only do they add that much-desired light, but they’re versatile in design options, adding a stylish flair to the exterior of a home. The gorgeous entryway featured above from Masonite offers top-notch design inspiration for what sidelites can offer to a home.

National Lumber Helps You Stay on Top of the Window and Door Trends for Winter 2020

The expert window and door team at National Lumber can help you meet all your window and door needs. We have a great assortment of diverse brands on offer for different budgets and design philosophies. Whether you’re a builder getting started on your next project, or a homeowner looking to replace your windows, contact the team at National Lumber today.

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Kitchen Design Trends for Fall 2020

With each new season, kitchen design trends tend to fluctuate. What’s big in spring might not be big by the time fall comes around. The design team at National Lumber wants to keep you updated on the newest trends to help you create a kitchen that’s perfect for your tastes and needs. Let’s check out the kitchen design trends for Fall 2020!

Gold Accent Colors

Gold and brushed bronze are becoming new accent color favorites in kitchen design. Color contrast helps bring out the beauty and craftsmanship of each kitchen. Gold and brushed bronze elements help draw the eye against a backdrop of bold blacks and whites.

Open Shelving

Kitchen designers today are brainstorming new ways to add individual flair to every item within your kitchen. Instead of hiding kitchen items behind cabinets, open shelving allows you to thoughtfully curate the look and feel of your kitchen with each accessory you include.

Embracing Blues

Woodharbor Cabinetry in Hale Navy

Gone are the days where traditional cabinetry in wood tones are the options most homeowners choose. Instead, colorful kitchens are blossoming. One of our favorites is the trend of blue cabinetry and countertops. Whether you want something darker and more muted, or popping with brightness, there are unique blue shades to choose from.

Kitchen Plate Racks

A kitchen classic is making a comeback. The plate rack is a great way to add a traditional flair to modern kitchens. The way the dishware is exposed also lets you add your own personal touches to the design of your kitchen, allowing for different plate styles to easily be swapped out with the season or mood.

Disguised Appliances

This awesome GIF comes from the SWEETEN blog.

If large stainless-steel appliances don’t suit your tastes, you’re in luck; there is an outstanding alternative. Different appliances such as your fridge and dishwasher can be disguised with cabinetry panels to unify the aesthetic of your entire kitchen. This is without a doubt one of the coolest kitchen design trends for Fall 2020.

Want to Put Kitchen Design Trends for Fall 2020 Into Action?

Then you should reach out to the Design Center by National Lumber. Our team of expert kitchen designers brings decades of experience to each project they help you craft. Each detail will be carefully considered to bring the kitchen of your dreams to life. Contact us today to get started on your kitchen project!

Design Center

New Chevy Chase Showroom

For over 1oo years, National Lumber has been providing building materials to clients across Maryland and the DC metro area. We want to make sure our services are as convenient and accessible to contractors and homeowners across the region. For this reason, we are excited to announce the opening of our new Chevy Chase Showroom to serve all of our clients in the DC metro area.

Located at 4618 Leland St, Chevy Chase, MD 20815, this showroom allows us to better serve the DC region and meet the needs of clients. We’re excited to have a showroom where we can meet with builders and homeowners.

At our new showroom, builders and homeowners can meet with our expert staff to order materials for their projects and begin the process of designing their ideal home with a variety of options for kitchen, bath, windows, doors, and more. Let’s take a look at how this location allows us to better serve the needs of the DC area.

For Builders

If you want someone local to consult with on your next project, look no further than our new Chevy Chase location. No project is too big or small for us to supply. We look forward to being able to collaborate with more builders across the DC metro area and make the process of getting your building materials as efficiently as possible.

For Homeowners

Ready to get started on your next home renovation project? Our showroom is here to help you through every stage of the process, from inspiration to design to matching you with a contractor perfect for the installation. At the Design Center by National Lumber, our team can help you make the most of home remodeling.

The National Lumber team is proud to have the opportunity to better serve the DC area with our Chevy Chase showroom. We look forward to seeing you there!

Contact us today to get started on your next project.