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Product Highlight

Project Highlight: Attic Suite by Done Construction

One advantage of the industry we work in is getting to partner with fantastic contractors across the Baltimore and DC metro areas. Today, we want to highlight an awesome recent project by Done Construction completed in Baltimore County. National Lumber supplied the lumber materials for this project. We spoke with Beth Pointer of Done Construction to learn more about their recent attic suite renovation project.

About Done Construction

Done Construction is a woman-owned, Baltimore-based home remodeling company. The team works on interior projects, with a focus on kitchen and bathroom renovations. Beth founded Done Construction after 20 years as a union organizer. She met the three other members of her team while volunteering at the Station North Tool Library The Done Construction team is multi-discipline, though they have a primary background in carpentry. When needed, they work with trusted sub-contractors for different aspects of their projects, including electricians and plumbers. Their laser focus on interior remodeling has allowed them to perfect their craft and build spaces homeowners love.

About the Attic Suite Project

Done Construction was contracted to turn a client’s attic space into a master bedroom suite. The attic was outdated, and the space wasn’t being properly maximized. The project involved a full scale remodel of the attic to convert it into a bedroom, and a bathroom addition to complete the suite. Because of the low ceilings in the attic, the team had to raise the roof in the shower area to ensure it fit properly. Beth spoke about how much the team at Done enjoyed this project because the homeowners gave them free rein to flex their creative muscles, and were very trusting of their judgment to put together something fantastic.

Unique Touches of the Attic Suite Project

Beth explained that the team loved how the bathroom came out, especially within the limited space of an attic. Shiplap was utilized in several areas to bring a distinctive aesthetic to the project. Throughout the project, the Done Construction team crafted custom shelving and storage to help the homeowners make get the most out of their space. Another key feature? A custom nook so the family dog could have a space all to himself!

Work With National Lumber

Done Construction has worked with National Lumber to supply several projects. We were very excited to get to supply such a unique and awesome finished product. Beth said she appreciates that National Lumber has just about every material her team needs, and can easily acquire those not stocked on hand. She also highlighted Travis in our Kitchen Department for helping to make the Done team’s supply process smooth and super easy. We love how this project turned out, and are glad we could help Done Construction with the fantastic work they do.

If you need building supplies for your next big project, reach out to the National Lumber team today.

Product Highlight

What is the ZIP System Building Enclosure?

For each project a builder undertakes, careful consideration goes into the materials used to get the job done. From framing materials to doors and windows, choosing the right products can make a difference in the final product. More and more often, new technologies are being introduced to the market that allow builders to make different decisions about their building processes. Recently we’ve seen a trend toward the use of Huber’s ZIP System to serve as both a sheathing material and weather-resistant barrier for new builds. Today, we take a look at what is the ZIP System building enclosure, as well as its pros and cons.

What is the ZIP System?

ZIP System was designed to help streamline the construction process by combining both the sheathing and weatherproofing steps. OSB boards are coated with a phenolic-impregnated polymer-modified material that embeds the weatherization needs of a builder into the boards, eliminating, in theory at least, the need for a home wrap material. The boards are then sealed with a specialized, durable acrylic flashing tape to prevent water entry at any seams or fastening points. Alternatively, builders can utilize Huber’s liquid flashing product to caulk each seam and fastening point.

zip system building enclosure
Product Used on Urban Design Group’s Peabody Walk Project

Weatherproofing Made Easy

The goal of the ZIP System is to provide a structurally sound sheathing material that does the work of preventing both water and air entry into the OSB boards. The protective coating allows the ZIP System to prevent moisture entry without the builder needing to take many additional weatherproofing steps. In the event of a leak occurring, the waterproofing facer being built into the board means there’s less opportunity for water to penetrate deep into the OSB. For those looking for additional weatherproofing, the ZIP System-R product line is also available, which comes with an added layer of thermal insulation built into the board.

A Streamlined Process

The ZIP System can help streamline your sheathing process and reduce the manpower needed for installation. The taping process can be handled by one person, reducing the overall man-hours needed to seal the sheathing. ZIP System claims an installation time of over 40% faster than traditional sheathing + home wrapping processes, but these numbers are disputed by their competitors.

Proper Assembly Required

A criticism levied at the ZIP System is that the taped seams and fastening nails can create unexpected entry points for water. After pouring over the data, what we’ve discovered is that much like industry-standard home wrap products, issues often arise from improper installation practices. If the fastening tape is not properly rolled, lips and bubbles can be created where water can become trapped or enter in between the seams. Over-penetration of the nails used to fasten the board to the frame can also create possible moisture entry points. Just like with traditional home wrap products, proper installation following the manufacturers recommendations should result in a final product that protects your project from water and air intrusion.

Choose the Sheathing and Weatherproofing Products Right for You

We’ve explored what is the ZIP System today, and hope this information helps you make educated decisions about the materials you want to select. Whether you prefer the time-tested home wraps of Tyvek or are looking for a new solution from Huber, among many others, we have the building materials to help you create something spectacular. Contact our lumber team today to get started.