Windows and Doors Builders rely on

Design Center by National Lumber has the Marvin and door products that help you deliver exceptional, timeless builds. 

Why Choose Marvin Windows and Doors?

Throughout the Baltimore area, Marvin windows and doors are the go-to choice of builders looking to bring an unparalleled level of quality and luxury to the homes they craft. For over 100 years, Marvin products have been the pinnacle of craftsmanship within the door and window space. From innovative features to a deep selection of different aesthetics that can match any design you have, you can rely on Marvin products. 


Across the Baltimore region, builders trust Marvin windows and doors as the pinnacle of subliminal craftsmanship. What we build is only as strong as the products that can stand up to the labor. Marvin delivers on every account, from seamless design that is easy to build into your project to strong relationships with suppliers and builders. Marvin windows and doors are a product capable of evolving every project they’re incorporated into.

Brighter Design

Utilize light in expressive ways with clear sightlines that effortlessly enhance the beauty of the interior spaces you create. 

Build Flexibility

Marvin products offer excellent customizability, allowing you to truly tailor each project to the needs of your clients with different styles, colors, features, and add-ons. 

Leading Innovation

Innovation is important in every industry, especially for builders who are tasked with creating homes that will stand up to the test of time. Marvin makes this process easier by incorporating cutting-edge innovations into every product. 

Reliability You Can Trust

Reliability is the cornerstone of strong construction projects. Marvin forgoes bottom-shelf materials to craft a product that delivers on longevity for years to come.

Product Lines Baltimore Builders Rely On

Each standout collection from Marvin allows you to choose which elements matter most to you as the builder, from streamlined and easy-ordering to feature-rich, comprehensive window and door packages. 

Marvin Signature® is for builders who truly want to craft exceptional spaces. If creative, detail-oriented design is your style, this collection can meet you on all fronts. With superior customizability and a larger suite of base options, Marvin Signature® is the benchmark for cutting-edge windows and doors.
Marvin Elevate® allows you to take a balanced approach within your building environment. It delivers exceptional quality with more straightforward customization options. With a stellar aesthetic and potent durability, you can’t go wrong with Marvin Elevate®.
Marvin Essential® is a streamlined offering for builders who want a straightforward product that helps you to keep building. Durable, low maintenance, and simple to order, Marvin Essential® is the product that keep up with your building pace.

Magnify Your Nexy Project With Marvin Windows and Doors

Marvin windows and doors are the go-to product for builders who prioritize quality, aesthetics, and customizability.

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