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Windows and Doors Built For How You Live

At Design Center by National Lumber, we want to help you build your living space with the best products out there.

Why Choose Marvin Windows and Doors?

A Trusted Legacy

At Design Center by National Lumber, we’re always striving to help you make your house feel more like a home. The materials you choose are about more than filling a space, it’s about creating a space you want to spend time in, to make memories in. Marvin windows and doors are built for how you live. As a family-owned business of over 100 years, we believe in supplying the best to everyone that walks through our doors. And Marvin is the best. 


The Pinnacle of Design

With Marvin windows, every room is an oasis that brings the outdoors in. Elegant, expertly crafted, Marvin windows allow us to rethink what a room in our house can be. Every element is sublimely tailored to make improve your day-to-day life. From sightlines that allow you to truly soak in the sunlight to a beautiful panoramic range of colors to choose from, Marvin leads the way in customer-first design. 

Each innovation in door and window craftsmanship works seamlessly to deliver you a product that will stand the test of time for years to come. Design Center by National Lumber understands how Marvin products can be implemented to take each space in your home to newer, greater heights.

Product Lines

Each Marvin collection is presents subliminal products that are engineered to meet your needs and lifestyle. 

The pinnacle of design, Marvin Signature® is the benchmark of luxury design and implementation. Exceptional aesthetics, unbeatable energy-efficiency, and thoughtful features make care and maintenance a breeze. If you need customization to the highest degree, Marvin Signature® is ideal for you and your home.
Marvin Elevate® is all about balance. Streamlined customizability options are matched with the same excellent features you come to expect of Marvin products. With proprietary fiberglass exteriors, you can rest assured knowing you have a collection with the durability and longevity you want.
Marvin Essential® offers you excellent windows with no hassle. Just a streamlined product that delivers in every facet you would expect. Simplified ordering, gorgeous colors, and craftsmanship that stands the test of time. What’s not to love?

Think About Home differently


Our homes should be more than houses. They should be places we can celebrate, places where we accept nothing but the best. With Marvin windows and doors, that ideal is attainable. 

Stop by one of National Lumber’s showrooms, or contact us today, and see how Marvin can help you create better ways of living.