Windows and Doors Built For How You Live

Design Center by National Lumber is your go-to supplier of Marvin windows and doors in the Baltimore area.

Why Choose Marvin Windows and Doors?

Our homes should be more than houses. They should be places we can celebrate, places where we accept nothing but the best. With Marvin windows and doors, that ideal is attainable. Effortless and elegant design, unparalleled functionality, and diverse options that fit your lifestyle. Reach out today to get started. 

A Trusted Legacy

Marvin has been the industry leader in luxury window and door products for over 100 years. They’re a trusted brand that achieves the highest standards of quality and craftsmanship.

A Natural Connection

The perfect windows should bring the outside in, improving your connection with your environment. Embrace sunlight and warmth for a happier and healthier lifestyle overall.

Elegant Design and Thoughtful Details

Attention to detail is crucial when creating a top-of-the-line product. Marvin merges elegant design with thoughtful details that make every window and door product a work of art. 

Leading Innovation

Innovation doesn’t simply mean adapting to new trends; it means leading them. Marvin is consistently developing new ways to improve the functionality, efficiency, and smart integration of its products.

Reliability You Can Trust

Durable, long-lasting, and made with the highest quality materials, Marvin’s product lines can be relied upon for years to come. 

Product Lines

Windows and doors for how you live is more than a tagline. It’s a true representation of Marvin’s vast product portfolio that will appeal to customers of all different tastes and lifestyles. Every collection offers unique, beautiful options that are tailored to the desires of homeowners and builders alike.

The premier collection of Marvin windows and doors, Marvin Signature® is the pinnacle of design, craftsmanship, and outstanding aesthetics. With elegant product lines to choose from, Ultimate, Modern, and Coastline. With infinite customizability, this line offers the deepest suite of options for you to choose from.
Marvin Elevate® is the perfect marriage of exceptional durability and remarkable design. With fiberglass exteriors that are superior to vinyl, you can rest assured that your home is kept temperate and protected. Marvin Elevate® ensures you don’t have to sacrifice on aesthetic choice and customization, either.
This collection brings together everything that makes Marvin products great in one streamlined package. Marvin Essential® brings durability, beautiful design, and low-maintenance that’s expected of Marvin products. With a breezy ordering process, you can count on this collection to increase the liveability of your home.

Think About Home differently

The difference Marvin windows and doors bring to your home can’t be overstated. From unbeatable sightlines to innovative features that make cleaning hardly a hassle, Marvin windows are engineered for the way we live our lives. 

Reach out to the Design Center at National Lumber to get started today.