Project Highlight: Attic Suite by Done Construction

One advantage of the industry we work in is getting to partner with fantastic contractors across the Baltimore and DC metro areas. Today, we want to highlight an awesome recent project by Done Construction completed in Baltimore County. National Lumber supplied the lumber materials for this project. We spoke with Beth Pointer of Done Construction to learn more about their recent attic suite renovation project.

About Done Construction

Done Construction is a woman-owned, Baltimore-based home remodeling company. The team works on interior projects, with a focus on kitchen and bathroom renovations. Beth founded Done Construction after 20 years as a union organizer. She met the three other members of her team while volunteering at the Station North Tool Library The Done Construction team is multi-discipline, though they have a primary background in carpentry. When needed, they work with trusted sub-contractors for different aspects of their projects, including electricians and plumbers. Their laser focus on interior remodeling has allowed them to perfect their craft and build spaces homeowners love.

About the Attic Suite Project

IMG_5538 DSC03083

Done Construction was contracted to turn a client’s attic space into a master bedroom suite. The attic was outdated, and the space wasn’t being properly maximized. The project involved a full scale remodel of the attic to convert it into a bedroom, and a bathroom addition to complete the suite. Because of the low ceilings in the attic, the team had to raise the roof in the shower area to ensure it fit properly. Beth spoke about how much the team at Done enjoyed this project because the homeowners gave them free rein to flex their creative muscles, and were very trusting of their judgment to put together something fantastic.

Unique Touches of the Attic Suite Project

Beth explained that the team loved how the bathroom came out, especially within the limited space of an attic. Shiplap was utilized in several areas to bring a distinctive aesthetic to the project. Throughout the project, the Done Construction team crafted custom shelving and storage to help the homeowners make get the most out of their space. Another key feature? A custom nook so the family dog could have a space all to himself!

Work With National Lumber

Done Construction has worked with National Lumber to supply several projects. We were very excited to get to supply such a unique and awesome finished product. Beth said she appreciates that National Lumber has just about every material her team needs, and can easily acquire those not stocked on hand. She also highlighted Travis in our Kitchen Department for helping to make the Done team’s supply process smooth and super easy. We love how this project turned out, and are glad we could help Done Construction with the fantastic work they do.

If you need building supplies for your next big project, reach out to the National Lumber team today.


Unprecedented Lumber Market Demand Continues into Autumn

2020 has created unique circumstances for various commodity industries. The lumber market has experienced an unprecedented boom that looks, for now at least, to be continuing into autumn. In our last blog on this topic, we discussed the reasons for this unprecedented lumber demand, including low mortgage rates, service-industry businesses adjusting to outdoor seating requirements, and homeowners turning their attention to remodeling and decking projects, among others. Today, we’ll take a look at some hard numbers that highlight how unique the situation in the lumber market currently is.

Lumber Trends as They Currently Stand

As the COVID-19 pandemic began to emerge as a global challenge, the lumber industry expected a huge downturn in demand as lockdown restrictions came into place and businesses waited to learn whether local governments would consider their operations essential. This uncertainty was reflected in the price of lumber, hitting an annual low of $264 per board foot on March 30th of this year. However, as demand exploded rapidly, the price followed suit. It peaked at $948 on September 7th, an increase of 153.48% over the previous year. This staggering trend has been unprecedented within the industry. Since its peak, prices have trended downward. However, even with this downward trend, prices for lumber are still far outpacing the averages for years past. Most recently, the price was $607.60 on September 21st, an increase of 62% over the previous year. Using the chart below courtesy of Davis Hawn, we can see how these trends break down for individual lumber products.

How Long Will the Trend Continue?

Some experts predict that prices will continue to fall as autumn approaches, a typical trend for what is often a seasonal market. However, the degree to which remains to be seen. Even if the prices continue to fall, they will still likely eclipse the monthly averages from last year. The direction of this trend may largely be dependant on whether building companies continue their demand for lumber products or if they too slow down as the weather changes and the uncharted effects of the global pandemic begin to balance out. In the meantime, lumber market prices are still far outpacing predicted prices, and while the trend is slowing, we will still have to wait and see to what degree.

Get the Lumber Products You Need for Your Next Project

Despite the unprecedented times, the team at National Lumber has made it our goal to deliver the lumber products and other building materials you need to you on-time. If you’re ready to get started on your next project, request a quote today.


Meet Mario Meneghelli Gerard

Our Team is what keeps the gears turning at National Lumber. As such, it’s our pleasure to get to highlight the fantastic people who work for our company. Today, we’d like to introduce to you all Mario Meneghelli Gerard, a General Manager at our flagship Baltimore location.

About Mario

Mario was born and raised in Brazil. When he arrived in the US, he came with few resources and a basic level of English. After working for several years in a retail store, Mario began his journey in the building supplies industry. For the past 16 years, he has stuck with the industry and has been part of the National Lumber team for the past 5 years. As an immigrant and native Portuguese speaker, Mario had to adjust to the challenges of the industry, including learning the vocabulary of specific products.

Mario’s Role at National Lumber

As General Manager of our flagship store in Baltimore, Mario is a familiar face. He takes on a variety of responsibilities to ensure daily operations within the storefront run efficiently. Mario’s responsibilities include sales management, inventory control, merchandising, and purchasing. In addition to his managerial duties, Mario is also heavily involved in sales, helping a huge variety of clients find the right products for their next project.

Construction and general contracting are diverse industries and many clients for whom English is not their first language shop at National Lumber and place orders for building materials. As a speaker of English, Portuguese, and Spanish, Mario is able to assist these clients to ensure they get the materials they need. At National Lumber, Mario has come to appreciate the aspects of working for a family business and within a team environment.

Getting to Know Mario

Over the course of his time at National Lumber, Mario has built personal connections with his clients over mutual interests such as their love of soccer. Together, they formed a soccer team, the Brazucas. When you visit National Lumber, you find a framed team jersey honoring this connection between NL and our customers. Mario is a family man and spends his free time with his wife and son. Currently, he’s trying to teach his son Portuguese. Any chance he gets, you can find Mario on the beach, whether it be Bethany Beach for a short weekend or Jamaica for a longer trip.

Mario Meneghelli Gerard is a staple of the National Lumber team, and an extraordinary person who helps make the experience of our clients the best it can be when they come into our store.

If you need help with your next material order, contact our team today to get started.


Exploring the Trex Building Materials We Stock

Trex is the industry leader in composite decking products. At National Lumber, we’re proud to stock some of their most popular products. Each Trex decking option is thoughtfully designed to fit the diverse tastes of homeowners. Composite decking materials have overtaken wood as the new standard and for good reason: they offer unparalleled durability, lower maintenance, and are built from recycled materials that help builders and homeowners make an eco-friendly choice with the product they choose. Today, we’ll explore some of the most popular Trex building materials we stock at National Lumber

Trex Enhance

Exceptional Decking to Fit Your Budget

Trex Enhance offers great decking options at an attractive price perfect for your next project. On hand, we stock three of the most popular colors:

Foggy Wharf

Foggy Wharf is the perfect choice for those that like a clean, neutral tone approach to their decking. The soft gray evokes waterfront piers, and brings revitalizes a classic aesthetic with the modern feel of Trex composite decking.

Clam Shell

Clam Shell inverts Foggy Wharf with a deep gray that stands up to dirt. Perfect for those who want to create beautiful color contrast between the darker tone of the decking and vibrant accessories such as railings and furniture.

Beach Dune

Bring the sunny beachfront to your next home build with Beach Dune color of Trex Enhance decking. The sandy brown is the perfect versatile shade to mix and match with rustic outdoor furniture in other earth tones.

Trex Select

Unique Color Options to Build Unbelievable Outdoor Spaces

Trex Select brings luxury decking to your next project at an affordable price. With a great lineup of colors to choose from, select the perfect Trex building materials to create something incredible.

Pebble Grey

Homeowners can feel as if they’re walking along a beautiful lakeshore with this Trex Select color choice. Pebble Grey strikes a strong balance between lighter and darker tone gray options.


Evoke the earthen tones of the American West with this standout Trex Select option. Homeowners will love how they can match the color to wooden exterior features of their home such as doors and windows.

Get Trex Building Materials When You Need Them

All of the options we’ve looked at in this blog are stocked in store by National Lumber, allowing us to deliver the decking product you need next-day. Looking for a different Trex product line or color option? We can order them for you at a great price so your project turns out exactly how you envision. National Lumber prioritizes flexibility and efficiency. All of our decking deliveries come equipped with mechanical unloading. Don’t worry about having to take time from your building schedule to lug materials from the front yard to the back. We’ll deliver your decking products directly to where you’re constructing it, saving you time and manpower.

If you’re reading to craft exceptional decks that will be the selling point of your next project, contact the team at National Lumber today. We can help you pick the perfect Trex decking products.


The Lumber Market Is Experiencing a Boom

While many commodity markets have experienced huge fluctuations since the outset of the COVID-19 pandemic, and many industries have been forced to make tough decisions in uncertain times, the lumber market is experiencing a boom many suppliers didn’t predict. Let’s take a look at this unexpected turn of events, and the reasons for the success of the lumber market in 2020.

The Numbers Speak for Themselves

As highlighted by the Wall Street Journal in July, “Lumber futures are up more than 85% since April 1. Lumber for July delivery settled Thursday at $499 per thousand board feet while the more heavily traded September futures ended at $481.90. Both are above the pre-pandemic high of $463.00, set during the hottest home-building market since 2006.” These numbers speak to an unforeseen trend predicated on a huge increase in demand, a surprise in a year when many industries have slowed due to lockdown and personal spending was expected to shrink. There are several important reasons that have contributed to why the lumber market is experiencing a boom.

Unexpected Spending Trends

While many other industries experienced an expected downturn in consumer spending as lockdowns increased, the same cannot be said for lumber. Instead, an explosion of home contractor and DIY projects has become prominent across the U.S. Homeowners are having decks, fences, and other outdoor features added to their homes. Restaurants have been adapting to changing regulations by adding outdoor seating areas. And while builders initially slowed construction, many have been deemed essential businesses. Low mortgage rates have helped drive increased demand for homebuilders. All of these factors have contributed to an upturn in business that many in the lumber industry didn’t foresee.

Mills Are Attempting to Keep Up

When the pandemic began, many lumber mills expected demand to diminish, and began to slow production and consider alternative business models to adapt to the circumstance. However, the opposite quickly became apparent and has left many suppliers struggling to keep up with clients who are running low on inventory. The unique situation in 2020, including March and April closures of mills that have since resumed operations, has led to a skyrocketing price-tag for lumber supplies, hungry buyers trying to meet the demand of builders and consumers, and an unprecedented futures market on lumber products. While the question remains how long the boom will last, there’s no doubt that the industry is in uncharted territory, and will likely to continue for the foreseeable future.

Need Lumber for Your Next Project? National Lumber Has You Covered

For over 100 years, National Lumber has been supplying contractors and homeowners across the Baltimore and DC metro areas with building materials they need to get the job done on time, and right. Request a quote from our expert team today, and see what National Lumber can help you build.


Meet Scott Huguely, Head of DC Sales

Our Team is what keeps the gears turning at National Lumber. As such, it’s our pleasure to get to highlight the fantastic people who work for our company. Today, we’d like to introduce to you all Scott Huguely, head of our DC Sales Division.

With the opening of our new DC metro area location in Chevy Chase, we wanted to bring in an expert team to meet the needs of our clients in that market. We’re excited to have Scott Huguely, an industry veteran, as the leader of our DC Sales Division.

About Scott

Scott’s industry ties are significant as a fourth-generation lumber supplier. His family started Galliher & Hugely, a DC-based lumberyard in 1912. Scott began working for the family company in 1994 and has provided expert service ever since. When the local institution closed its doors in March of this year, Scott knew he wanted to work with another company that has ties to the local community as opposed to a larger chain. He admired that National Lumber was also a family-owned business and was excited to come on as a team member thanks to a long relationship with the Fruman family. This family environment extends to the whole National Lumber team and helps strengthen the relationships that are formed with all clients that come through the door.

The Impact of National Lumber in the DC Area

Scott is excited to help increase the awareness of National Lumber as a building material supplier in the DMV area. While the company has been prevalent in the area, the DC metro market is an ever-changing and growing area, and Scott is looking forward to seeing how National Lumber can continue to meet the increasing demand from builders, general contractors, and homeowners in the region.

He’s also eager to promote some of the industry-leading products National Lumber has to offer, such as Marvin Windows and Trex Decking. These two brands are in high demand across the DC market. He brings his veteran-expertise to every project, ensuring builders are selecting the products that are perfect for them.

Getting to Know Scott

Outside of work, Scott’s dedication to family continues. He loves spending time with his wife Jenny and their three children Michael, Nicholas, and Megan. Before he began work in the lumber industry, Scott had aspirations to become a sports broadcaster and his love of sports continues to this day. Scott is an avid golfer, and a life-long DC sports fan. He also cheers for his beloved UNC Tarheels. Don’t hesitate to bring him your sports hot takes when you drop in to the Design Center in Chevy Chase. On summer vacation, you’re likely to find him in Bethany Beach.

Welcome to National Lumber, Scott!

The entire team is honored to welcome Scott Huguely into the fold. We look forward to the veteran presence, industry-knowledge, and dedication he brings to each interaction with a customer. Contact Scott and the DC team today to get started on your next project.


How to Choose the Right Marvin Windows Collection for Your Project

“Character” is a word that homebuilders often use to describe what differentiates one project from others. For so long, practicality and cost-efficiency were guiding principles of design, and character could be harder to come by. Today, builders are able to blend style with practicality and longevity in new and interesting ways. Marvin Windows are a great example of this meeting point, offering three distinct Collections that blend durability with distinct character. Let’s take a look at each Marvin Windows collection, and how to choose which one is right for your project.

Signature Collection

Marvin Windows Collection Signature

Choice, Reimagined

The Signature Collection is the most diverse and customizable suite of products that Marvin carries and has long been the preferred Collection for high-end projects of all scopes and sizes. The Signature Collection features two distinct lines, Ultimate, and Modern, each offering their own unique appeals. Ultimate is the culmination of expert design, with wood and wood-clad window options that offer a timeless appearance while maintaining the customizability contractors look for. Modern is the perfect match open floor plans and the natural-light emphasis of modern home design, featuring large expanses of glass and narrow sightlines. Both lines prioritize thermal performance to keep energy bills down while providing homeowners with adaptable smart features they come to expect, namely the ability to lock windows directly from their phones. This Marvin Windows Collection is for those who’s clients accept nothing but the best.

Elevate Collection

Marvin Windows Collection Elevate

A Gorgeous Balance

The Elevate Collection offers extraordinary balance in its design approach. On the outside, patented fiberglass withstands the elements while inviting wood interiors help bring out the attractiveness of a home. The durability is a cut above, 8 times stronger than vinyl, and 3 times stronger than vinyl/wood composites. In practice, this translates to longevity that lasts. The Elevate Collection can fit a wide variety of projects, and helps bring out the distinct design touches of each project you build.

Essential Collection

Marvin Windows Collection Essential

Classic Flair, Smart Design

For the Essential Collection, it’s all in the name. These windows are tailored to meet the demands of builders thanks to simplified options to help streamline the order process and huge versatility that can meet the needs of a variety of projects. The design features smooth lines that optimize the light coming into a home. A durable fiberglass interior and exterior minimize maintenance on the part of the homeowner, which helps to save them money over time. This Collection is perfect for contractors that prioritize versatility and a more straight-forward design.

Still Unsure Which Marvin Windows Collection is Best for Your Project? National Lumber Can Help

Our Design Center team has trained alongside the Marvin team to ensure we can help you select the product that is right for your project, whether it’s a single-family home or a multi-unit apartment complex. No need to sort through the vast options yourself, just reach out today and let us do the heavy lifting.


5 Great Ideas for Decks in Maryland

When you think of a deck for your home, you might imagine some traditional square of wood without much charm or character. The truth is that modern decking has adjusted to meet the creativity of builders and the vision of homeowners. From rethinking materials to changing how your outdoor space is utilized, there’s no better time than now to consider updating your deck or starting from scratch to build something incredible. Here are 5 great ideas for decks in Maryland.

1. A Place for Outdoor Dining

With the warmer months finally upon us, why not rethink your outdoor dining options? Your deck space can be far more elegant than a simple picnic table and some folding chairs. We love this design from Trex, the industry leader in modern, state-of-the-art composite decking. A unique aspect of this design is the way it incorporates an overhead light so your dinner table isn’t left in the dark. Host your next dinner party in style with a gorgeous design like this for decks in Maryland.

2. Lounge by the Pool In Style

pool deck Northern Vi

Escape the heat in your own personal oasis with this gorgeous deck inspiration from Wolf Home Products. Many homeowners may opt for a simple concrete sidewalk to surround their pool. However, if you ask us, this option is much more attractive. Wolf Home’s Serenity Decking line brings all of the advantages of natural wood decks with none of the downsides. It even includes advanced UV protection so you can work on your tan without worrying about your decking becoming discolored.

3. No Yard? No Problem!

rooftop decks northern virginia

Interested in fantastic decks in Maryland but lacking in the backyard space to build one? No problem! Rooftop decks are a great solution to maximize your space while creating an incredible area to spend time outside. National Lumber loved supplying the decking for this creative design by our friends at Four Twelve. The connected decks provide you with ample space to host friends, set up furniture, and so much more.

4. Move Your Entertainment Center Outside

decks northern virginia

Rethink how you spend time outside by moving your entertainment system to your new deck. No need to crowd inside to watch the game anymore. Instead, you can tailor your outdoor space to the perfect place for entertaining. Or, perhaps you want to enjoy the weather while you and a loved one curl up and watch a movie. This great design from Trex is versatile and a perfect, unconventional approach to building a gorgeous outdoor space.

5. Simple Yet Sophisticated

The perfect deck doesn’t have to be something bombastic and extravagant. You may prefer something smaller that doesn’t skimp on style. This design from Wolf Home Products embodies that mantra. The Serenity Decking in Rosewood goes wonderfully with the colors of the siding, creating a look that is unparalleled in its sophistication. An oasis like this maximizes space and allows you to spend more time outside marveling at your lovely deck.

National Lumber has Everything You Could Need for Decks in Maryland

For over 100 years, National Lumber has been providing building materials to clients across the Baltimore and DC metro areas. Our expert staff can help you every step of the process, from choosing the best brands and colors to matching you with a contractor ready to build the deck of your dreams. Contact our team to get started today!


Recent Projects: The Open Floor Plan and Polished Bath

Watch any home improvement show or take a quick glimpse into any recent home buyer’s ‘must have’ list and you’ll see a common thread: a request for an open floor plan. Open floor plans have been at the forefront of interior design priority lists for years, allowing homeowners the space and set-up they need to interact with family, decorate and entertain. One of the common pitfalls of this design element? The omission of separating elements which then creates one communal space instead of separate areas for various purposes.

Creating a ‘flow’ and relationship between spaces that feels organic is not a simple task; it takes attention to detail and an understanding of how each room will be utilized and the journey the homeowner will take throughout the spaces each day. According to our kitchen expert, Rick Bechtel, it is crucial that contractors not only listen to client requests and industry trends, but that they also make suggestions founded in experience that help accommodate the existing family dynamic and everyday movement in the space. For example—the family who cooks and eats together may appreciate an open layout with a serving island and a couple who entertains and prefers to serve plated meals in a dining room may prefer a more private cooking space.

One of our most recent kitchen and bath projects touched on these very concepts. This client’s goal was to achieve an organic, open floor plan to create a functional, communal cooking, dining and living space that didn’t feel too vast. They also wanted to incorporate more functional storage while creating an environment that didn’t feel disconnected or over-planned. To accomplish the customer’s goal, the National Lumber kitchen and bath team utilized Starmark cabinetry and the many creative storage solutions that they offer.

By relocating the kitchen and incorporating the existing family room/main living area, they were able to combine the things they love: cooking and family. They were also able to add something they desperately needed: functional, attractive storage. Once reworked, the new kitchen featured creative corner cabinet storage, pull-out spice storage, pull-out cooking utensil and knife storage, multiple drawers for more organized itemized storage, maximized tray storage with dividers above steam/microwave oven, pull-out double trash/recycling, an integrated coffee system, and a ‘pot filler’ faucet above range.

The new kitchen also features built-in refrigerator/freezer units, an integrated paneled dishwasher, integrated paneled refrigerator/freezer drawers, an apron-front farmhouse sink, an enclosed, paneled professional hood vent, double-thick stone tops with a waterfall peninsula edge and full-height splashes which not only looks great, but is also easy to clean and maintain.

To design this kitchen required frequent site visits to confirm measurements and clearances, in-store design consultations to view several styles and finishes and in-depth research on appliances to ensure fit and function. Due to the hard work and vast experience of our design team, we were able to exceed expectations, transforming the space into a chic, comfortable and useful environment. We used Starmark Cherry Bridgeport Modern Full Overlay (in Driftwood Stained Finish) cabinetry in the kitchen and Ultracraft Walnut Shaker with the International Overlay (in Natural Stained Finish) in the bathroom area.

Creating an inviting, functional space for everyday life as well as entertaining family and friends is not an impossible task with help from our kitchen and bath team. We understand the balance you seek when working to build something that fits your needs but is also intimate and comfortable. Meet with our team to get started on your dream kitchen


National Lumber Company Celebrates 100 Years in Baltimore City

Serving the Baltimore Building Community for One Century
This year the National Lumber Company celebrates 100 years of serving the Baltimore building and construction community. Originally founded in 1919 in Baltimore’s Little Italy neighborhood by Russian immigrant Alexander Fruman– the business met the growing need for custom-made window and door sashes. The first three employees, Alexander and his sons Isadore and Phillip Fruman, set up shop in East Baltimore and the business hasn’t left the area or changed ownership since. The current ownership of Arnold, Neal and Kevin Fruman represent the business’s fifth generation of family ownership.
Now specializing in building materials, custom kitchen and bathroom cabinetry, specialty doors and windows and outdoor materials; the business is in the midst of an exciting renovation to update the exterior and indoor facility of their 4901 Pulaski Highway location. National Lumber Company is hosting an open house 100-year celebration at their newly-renovated location on Friday, October 4th from 1-4pm. The event will bring the National Lumber team, vendors and customers together to celebrate one century of growth and success.
“We’re so honored to have been a cornerstone of the Baltimore building community for so long,” says Principal and 4th generation owner Arnold Fruman. “We owe our successes and longevity to the communities, contractors and customers that we serve. Our business has evolved into something very special—we are more than just lumber. We are a premier distributor of the industry’s top brands and our kitchen, bath and window showrooms rival any other selections in the region. We are excited to continue to be a part of the area’s building and construction landscape and to grow with the city that has been so good to us for 100 years. Our saying is, ‘your great-grandad was a satisfied customer,’ we believe you will be too.”
The National Lumber Company was recently recognized as an honoree alongside ten other area businesses by the Baltimore Business Journal during the Family Owned Business Awards. The story of the Fruman family was also featured by the Baltimore Heritage organization.
About National Lumber Company: The National Lumber Company is a building material supplier, retail store, and kitchen, bathroom, window and door design center. The business has thrived in East Baltimore for 100 years and has served tens of thousands of customers throughout the last century. National Lumber provides the DMV region with the industry’s top products including Marvin Windows and Doors, Echelon Cabinetry, Trex Composite decking and more. Contact our team to get started on your next project, whether it be a home remodel, a new build, a large scale construction project, or anything else.